Is Nolan finnaly starting to turn things around.

So it is now a month or so into Ted Nolan back behind the bench for the Buffalo Sabres and people keep asking if the team is headed in the right direction. It is hard to say if this team will see a great turn around but watching this team now compared to what they were like a month ago I can tell you that they are taking those steps in the right direction. Since the beginning of the season this team under Darcy Regier and Ron Rolston were showing no sign of improvement at all. Since the change this team seems to “get it” now. That “get it” means they are starting to sell out every night. I have never seen Drew Stafford play as hard as he has in the last few weeks. Tyler Myers is starting to play with that much-needed confidence once again. Ryan Miller has been solid all year but to see a team compete in front of him night in and night out is great to see. He is having a MVP season on a team that is last in the NHL. I see this team starting to turn the corner as far as the compete and playing for each other, however that will only get you so far. It is up to Pat Lafontaine to get a GM into place to make this team stronger. Once you get a team with talent and willing to play as a team then we can start talking about playoff’s. Until then I say to all Sabre fans, continue to watch the progress of the young players and see how the rest of the team plays better team hockey. This is a step in the right direction. Not a huge one, but the way this season was going we should be happy with the  small steps in the right direction compared to the huge steps in the wrong direction from the start of the season.